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About us

Established in 2022, Keliis was organized by Mr.Yin, the co-founder of VOOPOO, who has cultivated in the vape industry for many years, enjoys a great reputation for his expertise, wisdom and kindness, now he aims to provide people with the best, cheap yet palatable vapes as to form excellent culture of vapes.

Thus, he gathered talents of the vape industry to form the team.
A cohesive team composed of great marketing, Research and Development group and engineers. At Keliis, we are committed to bringing people with superior vaping experience, to helping people with healthy vaping ways when they have fun.

At Keliis, we are deeply rooted that customers are always the most important. Here we are people-oriented and our goal is to provide our customers with the most satisfying products with genuine flavors, top quality, consistent and strong e-liquid burst.

Exhausted after the hiking, cycling or work? Here have some puffs of the Keliis vape, it would refresh you and bring you coming back to life immediately!

Having fun with friends at the party? Try the diverting Keliis vape and compete with your friends of the vaping tricks to see who’s the champion.

Had a feast with family and feels greasy? Have some puffs of the Keliis vape, it will comfort your heart and soul.

Our pursue towards the best vaping experience for you never stop, and we are always keeping innovation and hearing from the audience.

We’ll never forget who we are, and what we do: To follow people’s heart to make more and more satisfactory vape products for you.

Come and embrace our Keliis big family, we are looking for cooperators /wholesalers / distributors / agent all over the world to spread our belief and products to every corner on earth. There’re just so much unwritten waiting for us, let’s put our story together!